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Alright, you've seen my stuff, now to get to know me.



“Comics are a gateway drug to literacy.” 

-Art Spiegelman


Elke Quinn is a comic artist out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They will be graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in May 2018. They have been self-publishing comics since 2016, and Under Wraps is their second large project. They're inspired by the writing of Alan Moore, the art of Jim Lee and Darwyn Cooke, and want to be the next Dave Stewart. They look forward to the day that their name is next to their heroes on a comic, while self-publishing comics like Under Wraps, Pinky Swear, and The Misadventures of Asce and Azor.


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Experience -
World Monster HQ: Intern (Sept. 2017 - )
        Flat Colors, Lettering, Research,
        Merchandise Design and Sales
Fly By Knight Comics: Intern (2013 - 2015)
         Research, Event Coordination,

Education - 
BFA - MCAD Comic Art May 2018
AAS - Ozarks Technical Community College
              Graphic Design 2015

Awards -
Skills USA - 2013: Local and Districts
                           2014: Local, Districts, State